How to remove a Secure Folder

  1. Open the Control Center either by double clicking the Atakama shortcut on desktop or by clicking the "^" button in the system tray menu, then right clicking on the Atakama icon and clicking on Control Center.

  2. Open the "Secure Folders" tab and click "Configure" for the Secure Folder you want to remove.

  3. Click "Remove".

  4. Type in the word "confirm" and click "OK".

  5. (Optional) Warning: Proceed with this step only if you've decrypted or moved all files to another Secure Folder, and you don't intend to re-use the Secure Folder being removed. Atakama uses system files that remain after the Secure Folder has been removed. Open File Explorer, navigate to the folder that was just removed. Delete the ".atakamashare.db" folder and the ".atakama_dir" file. The folder should now be completely empty.


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