We recognize that all sorts of things happen to smartphones and tablets, so we've made it easy for you to regain access to your data protected by Atakama with a new device using recovery keys.

Important: To use this recovery method to should have at least one recovery word set.

What you'll need to get started:

  1. Your replacement device with Atakama Mobile installed
  2. Your Atakama Offline Recovery Words
  3. Your computer running Atakama for Windows or macOS.

Follow these steps to add your new device, then remove your old device.

  1. Launch Atakama on your computer if it's not already running and open Control Center
    • Windows users: Click the Atakama icon in your system tray, then click on the gear icon, and choose Control Center.
    • macOS users: Click the Atakama icon in your menu bar, then click on the gear icon, and choose Control Center.
  2. With the Control Center screen open, select the Keys tab.
  3. Click the "Replace" button next to the device to be replaced. 
  4. Click the "Replace this device using recovery words" button. Follow the prompts.
  5. Install Atakama Mobile on your replacement device. 
  6. Open Atakama Mobile on your replacement device. Follow the prompts to "Restore from Backup Key"
  7. On the next screen, enter each of your Offline Recovery Words, then select "Confirm Words."  Your Offline Recovery Words may only be used once.
  8. Once you finish entering recovery word set, choose one of the available linking methods on your computer.
  9. On your new device scan QR code or enter linking code depends of the method you chose on the step 8.
  10. After you finish device linking you will see the window:
  11. Click "Complete" button.
  12. Now you need to create new recovery word set, because the key that you have been used are no longer valid and in case of you will need to use recovery word set again. Click "Okay" button. Then follow prompts.
  13. Click "Start" when you finish creating new recovery word set.
  14. Approve a "New Profile Change" request on your new mobile device. Depending on how many files you have protected with Atakama, this may take a few moments to complete. Then click "Complete"
  15. Now your replacement device has been added.