How to join a Secure Folder

The steps in this article also apply to users joining previously created Secure Folders following recovery of a workstation.


Open the Control Center either by double-clicking the Atakama shortcut on the desktop or by clicking the "^" button in the system tray menu, then right-clicking on the Atakama icon and clicking on Control Center.


Open the "Secure Folders" tab.


Click "+ Add Secure Folder".


Click "Join a Secure Folder".


Select one of two options:

Option 1:

Recommended when joining a Secure Folder shared via network or cloud using the provider's native sync function:

  1. Click "Browse to an existing Secure Folder" button.

  2. Click "Browse" button.

Option 2:

Recommended when joining a Secure Folder shared via Atakama CloudSync.

  1. Click "Join via Atakama CloudSync".

  2. Browse to an existing folder or create a new folder within any location on your computer.


Click "Next".


Enter a name for the Secure Folder or keep the default name, then click "Next".


Verify that the Secure Folder name matches the name previously entered and click "Begin".


Click "Configure".

If "Browse to an existing Secure Folder" option was previously selected in Step 5 above, a Secure Folder description screen will appear.

If "Join via Atakama CloudSync" option was previously selected in Step 5 above, a list of available cloud providers will appear.


“Join via Atakama CloudSync" option only: Click "Back" to open the Secure Folder description.

(Secure Folder Description)

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