Using Command Line Interface to join network shared folders, verify users, and activate locations

Joining a Network Secure Folder (Sharee):

The following commands must be executed when joining a network shared folder:

Note: Skip this command if the sharee joined the secure folder via enterprise-client.config file.

atakama sf join --vault-path <vfs_path> --backend <bed_path>


atakama sf join --vault-path "/Finance" --backend "\\Corporate\Group\Finance Team"

Verifying a user (Sharer):

List contacts that are missing access. 

atakama contact list

Verify the contact.

atakama contact verify <words>


atakama contact verify future-plug-supper-peanut

Granting Access (Sharer):

atakama sg members <sg-id> add <profile-id>


atakama sg members finance add future-plug-supper-peanut

Activating a shared Secure Folder (Sharee):

atakama sf activate <vault_path> --profile <profile id>


atakama sf activate "/finance" --profile fluid-group-immune-fortune

To check the status of a certain Secure Folder execute the following command:

atakama sf info <vault_path>

To check the status of all the available Secure Folders execute the following command:

atakama sf list

Execute the following command only if the Secure Folder was created on a version before Oystercatcher, but you're joining on a newer version, and no one else has done the upgrade flow.

atakama sf activate --pre-oystercatcher-verification VFS_PATH

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