KSS failover setup

To enable rapid switchover if the primary KSS fails, you will need to preload the backup key onto a second server instance. Once this is complete, you need only to start the Atakama application on the backup server at the time of the switchover.  

Backup server setup

  1. Shut down Atakama on the primary server.

  2. Perform all steps defined in the “Recovery Procedure” on the backup server.

  3. Recommended: use a KSS client to verify the functionality of the backup server. 

  4. Shut down Atakama on the backup server.

  5. Restart Atakama on the primary server.

Switchover procedure
If the primary KSS is temporarily offline (e.g., unplanned Windows update):
  1. Confirm that Atakama is not running or connected to the Internet on the primary server.

  2. Start Atakama on the backup server.

If the primary KSS dies (e.g., hard drive failure):

  1. Start Atakama on the backup server, which will now take over as the primary KSS.

  2. Add additional devices and recovery word sets so there are two mobile devices and two recovery word sets.

  3. Repeat the steps from the “Backup Server Setup” (above) to set up a new backup server.


  1. Do not restart Atakama on the primary server until off-hours. Shut down the backup server before or as soon as possible after the primary server is started.

  2. At no point should multiple instances of Atakama with the same ID (the primary and the backup) be running at the same time. This would cause client requests to fail.

  • Ensure the backup server is shut down when the primary server is brought back online.

  • Do not configure the backup server to launch Atakama on startup.

  1. Throttling quotas are separately maintained on each server; data is not synchronized.

  2. Profile changes (adding, replacing, and removing devices) should not be performed on the backup server instance.

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