Adding and removing keys via Command Line Interface (CLI)

Adding or removing keys involve two steps: 1. performing the change, and 2. updating the profile. 

Step 1

Adding keys

To add a recovery word set as a key:

atakama device add-words [<alias>]


atakama device add-words KeyOnPaper1

To add a mobile device as a key:
Via QR code 

atakama device add {device name} -m qr


atakama device add MyIOSPhone -m qr

Scan the QR code with Atakama mobile camera app.

Via URL 

atakama device add {device name} --m url

Copy the URL and open it on the mobile device


atakama device add MyIOSPhoneURL --m URL

Removing Keys

To remove a device:

atakama device remove {device name}


atakama device remove iPhone14

Re-linking Keys

To re-link a mobile device:

atakama device link {device name} -m qr


atakama device link MyIOSPhone -m qr

Step 2

To get the list of the devices associated with a profile:

atakama device list

To get the list of profile IDs:

atakama profile list 

To update a profile:

After making the change, run the following command to update the profile.

atakama profile update-devices --profile <profile-words OR profile ID> [<device names starting with the desktop in descending priority>] --m <num required> [# of devices required to decrypt]

Caution: Make sure the mobile device is the current mobile device, not a mobile device that was replaced and is no longer available.


atakama profile update-devices --profile "angle-sure-chest-torch" "Desktop-FDE0TK9" "ios1" "KeyOnPaper1" --m 2

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