How to change the location of Secure Folders

Changing the location of Secure Folders:

1. When moving a Secure Folder, no one should be accessing the Secure Folder. This will help prevent possible sync gaps from occurring. 

2. Open the backend location of the Secure Folder.

3. Copy all files and folders (including the .atakamashare.db folder) into the new location.

4. Open the Atakama Control Center and navigate to the Secure Folders tab.

5. Join the folder from the network location.

6. Return to the Control Center and remove the old Secure Folder.

Follow the steps below to push the Secure Folder's new location using the enterprise-client.config file: 

1. Create an enterprise-client.config file and add the new Secure Folder.

2. Click "Export" and save the file.

3. Push the new enterprise-client.config file to your end users.

4. Have your end users quit and then restart Atakama.

5. Verify the Secure Folder's name and click the "Activate" button. Approve the resulting MofNop.

Note: Admins, however, may occasionally seek to modify their folders in some way (custom vault path for example) and should do so via either the CLI or Secure Folder configuration window rather than relying on a self-ingested enterprise-configuration file. This is less relevant for end users who typically don't manually join Secure Folders. But if they do, they will need to ignore entries for that folder in the Mandatory Secure Folders section of the enterprise-configuration file.  

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