v2.0.16583 - Quantum Quetzalcoatl

New Features

  • It is now possible to link a new device directly inside the Profile Editor during the First Time Setup.

  • It is now possible to change the vault path of a Secure Folder from the command line: atakama sf rename <from> <to>

  • It is now possible to run multiple instances of the Keyshard Server simultaneously, increasing capacity and allowing for automatic failover.

  • New command line command: _atakama keyserver clone-db <db-uri>_, clones the database contents.

  • As an alternative to using the GUI, it is now possible to run atakamareport.exe from the command line to submit a bug report.

  • New cli command: atakama keyserver clone-db <db-uri>, clones the database contents.

Upgrade Notes

  • The keyserver policy --reload command has been replaced by keyserver policy --load.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that would prevent Secure Folder creation with a given global identifier if that global identifier was used as another Secure Folder’s vault path

  • Fixed issue where confirm dialog would not handle large bodies of text well; dialog now is resizable to show text that would otherwise be hidden

  • Fixed issue where the busy indicator remained if the removal confirmation window of a Secure Folder was cancelled

  • Resolve a rare issue when decrypting files that could cause them to be immediately re-encrypted.

  • Fixed issue where the request description would disappear upon completion.

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