v2.0.14425 - Sand Viper - Mar 7, 2022


- It is now possible to recover an Atakama Profile on a new computer using any combination of existing keys, including keys on paper and mobile devices. 

- It is now possible to back up your Atakama Profile to Secure Folders for recovery purposes.

- The process of creating recovery words has been updated with a refreshed appearance and smoother operation.

- Users will now be notified whenever Atakama needs to be restarted in order for changes to take effect.

- Secure Folder names have been adjusted to add clarity around their location within the Atakama Vault.

- The CLI now supports a “--full-help” command which will show a summary of all subcommands.

- Using the “create export” command line will now output an export URL, which can be helpful when running integration scripts.

- The release name is now visible in the About screen.

- The Non-admin client first-time setup flow no longer requires adding all mandatory secure folders. Secure Folders are instead added after completing the initial setup.

Known Issues

- Moving a file from a local drive to a network drive will be treated as a file open operation rather than a file rename operation.

Security Issues

- OpenSSL libraries have been upgraded to 3.0.1.

- The certificate used to sign the Atakama binary and PowerShell scripts has been updated.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed a bug that caused files opened from a network drive mapped to a drive letter to open in read-only mode.

- Fixed an error when running "atakama file unprotect" using the "--recursive" option.

- The bug reporter now better handles large files.

- Recovery words now appear and disappear properly when switching between the display and verify pages.

- Fixed a bug that caused CloudSync to intermittently fail to sync.

- The configuration tool within the log server id box now displays correctly.

- Once the location has been activated, the “activate location” button now functions correctly.

- Atakama will now shutdown correctly even when a Secure Folder containing indexable files has not been fully indexed.

- Fixed a bug that caused file names to appear with incorrect case on the mobile device during a MofNop.

- Atakama shutdown speed on MacOS and Unix has been significantly improved.

- Fixed a bug that caused Secure Folders with the same path as an existing folder within the Atakama Vault to hide the files within the existing folder.

- Fixed a bug that caused Box and SharePoint sync locations to not be properly detected.

- Fixed a bug to ensure command line contact options for Secure File Transfer propagate correctly.

- Files can now be moved between Secure Folders when both Secure Folders have the same Security Group.

- Fixed a bug with UNC path <-> drive letter mapping for --open and --open-as.

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