v2.0.16248 - Perplexing Puma - Nov 16, 2022

New Features

  • Backup Word Sets can now be created from the command-line interface.

  • Initial “mass” encryption utilizes multiple cores when available.

  • Right-click-to-encrypt and other backend menu options are now available for directories and when dealing with more than 15 files at a time (the previous limit).

  • Device-to-device compatibility is now detected by request type, enabling better mixed-version support.

Upgrade Notes

  • Alternate public keys are no longer supported. Files currently protected by an alternate public key can be decrypted, but new files cannot be encrypted with the key.

  • By default, file encryption will not affect file modification times. To disable this behavior add `preserve_mtime: False` to your local configuration file, or enterprise configuration file.

Bug Fixes

  • Users will be alerted when the enterprise configuration path specified in the local configuration file is inaccessible. 

  • When an enterprise configuration path is specified in the local configuration file, users will be prevented from onboarding without that configuration loaded.

  • Resolved a bug that caused a full client view for end users when first-time setup was closed and reopened.

  • Resolved get_security/set_security support in the Atakama Virtual File System.

  • Resolved a bug that ended an active session when a superfluous Managed Session request was started.

  • Fixed a bug that caused a Managed Session to appear on a primary mobile device when that session was started on a non-primary mobile device.

  • File patterns in the command-line interface commands will now be honored in all cases.

  • Long paths (greater than 260 characters) in Windows Explorer integrations, such as the backend menus, are now better handled.

  • Folder paths utilizing environment variables are now properly preserved when importing an enterprise configuration file.

  • Resolved a bug that caused OneDrive Secure Folders to crash on startup.

  • Resolved a bug that caused the system to crash when approving a request after closing the Configuration Tool window.

  • Resolved a bug that caused the system to crash when approving a request after closing the Activate Secure Folder window.

  • Resolved a bug that caused the system to ignore the immediately lock files after encryption setting.

  • Resolved a bug relating to profile restriction specifications upon Secure Folder creation in the Key Shard Server.

  • Administrators without an enterprise configuration can now bootstrap themselves as an enterprise configuration user by signing a new configuration.

  • During workstation recovery, linked devices will receive MofNops before not-yet-linked devices.

  • Resolved Bluetooth process restart behavior that sometimes caused error messages.

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