v2.0.13589 - Chuckwalla - Nov 15, 2021

Release Notes

New Features

  • User notifications have been improved for when multiple Secure File Transfer recipients are identified.
  • Users can now require Secure File Transfer recipients to verify their profiles via options.
  • Users with read only permissions are now able to open .kama files.
  • Users are now able to send files via Secure File Transfer to preexisting contacts.
  • During installation, Atakama is now automatically added to the user's path.
  • Atakama is now able to resolve OneDrive native sync conflicts.
  • Performance has been improved for Secure Folders backed by the root of a network drive (e.g. \server\share).
  • Error messages have been improved to include details when network share folders with incorrect permissions are joined and added.

Security Issues

  • A depency of our software (exiftool)  has been updated to address a CVE.
  • The migration script (migrate.ps1) now includes a signature.

Bug Fixes

  • Support for UNC paths in cloundsync has been improved.
  • Cloudsync uploads of corrupted .kama files are now blocked.
  • Users are now able to right-click to encrypt files inside a drive-letter mapping that matches a UNC Secure Folder path.
  • Mobile traffic loads have been reduced during recovery events and periods when devices are offline.
  • Encrypting a large number files will not prevent the user's smartphone from receiving MofNop requests.
  • Fixed a bug in Windows 11 that caused Atakama to crash when right clicking on a file within the Atakama Vault.
  • The Secure File Transfer window will remain open when using the tray menu.
  • Browsing XML files within the Atakama Vault will no longer cause a MofNop.
  • Norton antivirus scanning Atakama encrypted files will no longer cause a MofNop.
  • Atakama shutdown performance has been improved.

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