v2.0.15314 - Nightjar - Jul 7, 2022

New Features

  • Performance improvements when protecting, unprotecting, locking, and exporting files from backend folders.
  • Performance improvements when opening large Office files.
  • Users can specify --include, --exclude and --dry-run when using the atakama file encrypt command line tool.
  • Files are now marked with the attribute FILE_ATTRIBUTE_RECALL_ON_DATA_ACCESS. This speeds up file opens, and reduces the instances of Windows attempting to thumbnail files, which reduces security. If this causes issues, this behavior can be switched off by setting set_recall_on_data_access to false in the atakama.config file.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where no error was displayed when attempting to open a .kama file without cryptographic access outside any known Secure Folder.
  • When creating many folders, fewer messages are now sent to other devices, reducing the delay in processing future requests.
  • Fixed an issue with profile discovery while sharing after using atakama protect with the --recursive option.
  • Fixed an issue which would cause unprompted MOFNOP requests when using Bit9 Parity.
  • When opening Office files outside of any Secure Folders, or in an unactivated Secure Folder, they will be properly detected as unwritable.
  • Fix an issue where a MOFNOP would prompt a user to rename to a .tmp file if an Office file was locked and then saved.
  • Fixed and issue with Secure Folder detection in native cloud sync folders.

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