v2.0.13213 - Scarlet Hedgehog - Sep 22, 2021

Release Notes

New Features

  • Plugins installed into the /Atakama folder will be used by the system.
  • Added support for plugins that are notified of changes to encrypted files via callback function.
  • Added support for plugins that are notified of system startup via callback function.
  • Add a new flag to the CLI to show a .kama file in the file browser given its Vault path.
  • Add a new flag to the CLI to show a .kama file in the Vault.
  • Add shutdown option to CLI.
  • Command line options --protect, --lock, --queue-protect and others all, optionally, take a --recursive argument.
  • Command line options --protect, --lock, --queue-protect and others all, optionally, take multiple file arguments.
  • The mass migration script "migrate.ps1" now accepts a list of patterns to exclude.

Upgrade Notes

  • When right clicking to protect or unprotect a file, or when using auto-encryption, the behavior is now to create a backup of the old version and replace it with the new version.
  • The metadata and Lepide detectors are no longer enabled by default when using auto-encryption.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug which increased the time it took for Atakama to shutdown.
  • Fixed a bug which allowed more than one secure folder window to be open at once.
  • Onedrive native sync no longer restores unencrypted versions of files.
  • Eliminated spurious MOFNOP requests caused by Sophos AV.
  • When running Atakama.exe from CMD or PowerShell, output is correctly written to the console.
  • When mounting OSXFuse, if unavailable, MacFuse will instead be used.
  • Added support for Google Drive for Desktop (formerly Google Drive File Stream).
  • Fixed a bug where files would remain visible in Windows Explorer after dragging/dropping them into another folder.
  • Fixed a bug that could arise when onboarding with an enterprise config file containing a cloud Secure Folder and a network Secure Folder where the remote folders share a name.
  • Fixed a OneDrive re-authentication issue when the wrong account is used.
  • Fixed an issue where the "indexed files" count could become inaccurate.
  • Fix for a bug where users could be prompted repeatedly after cancelling a file move.
  • Fixed a few scaling issues in the Secure Folder flows.
  • Fixed MS Teams integration "open in desktop" feature.
  • Fixed a bug which could cause cloud files to stop syncing after a long period of inactivity.
  • Fixed an issue with log rotation when log file is held open on windows.
  • Reduced the probability that a multi-select secure export would be split into multiple exports.
  • The profiles missing access notification will now only show once per secure folder.
  • Disabled notifications will no longer affect the notification icon.
  • Users should not be able to skip the expected number of devices.
  • The Atakama Profile name box can now be unfocused during first-time setup.
  • Fixed an issue with the MS teams port selection.
  • Added fixes for intermittent failure when getting encrypted file credentials opened by two Atakama clients simultaneously.
  • Users should no longer be able to create a new folder when joining a Secure Folder via cloudsync.
  • Users should no longer be able to join an existing location while inside the create Secure Folder flow.
  • If a secure folder was previously removed and the files became inaccessible. The files should now be accessible with incomplete metadata.
  • Fix bug where security group names are cleared when scrolling away from them.

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