How to add a new key

  1. Open the Control Center either by double-clicking the Atakama shortcut on the desktop or by clicking the "^" button in the system tray menu, then right-clicking on the Atakama icon and clicking on "Control Center".


  1. Select the "Keys" tab.

  1. Select "Add Key".

  1. Select the "Key Type".

  1. For "use another device you own" and "invite a friend, family member, or colleague":

    1. Enter the device name and click "Next".

  1. Select "Scan QR code using the Atakama Mobile app".

  1. Launch the Atakama Mobile app on your device and click the hamburger menu.

  1. Select "Link to PC [Scan QR]".

  1. Scan the QR code on the desktop.

  1. Click "Save and Close".

  1. Click "Apply Changes" button in the Keys tab.

  1. Click "Approve" on your mobile device.

  2. The Keys tab will display the new mobile key.

  1. Storing words on paper as a backup key:

    1. Select "store your spare key as words on a piece of paper" and click “I understand”.

  1. The Mofnop will display on your desktop.


  1. Open the Atakama Mobile app on your mobile device and tap to approve.

  1. Write down all the words (1-12) in the order shown from your desktop, and write down all the words (13-24) in the order shown on your mobile device.



  1. Click "Continue" on the desktop and enter the two words when prompted. Click “Confirm and Save”.

  1. Click "Ready to Confirm" on your mobile and enter the words. Then click “Confirm and Complete”.

  1. Click “Apply Changes (1)” on the desktop.


  1. Tap “Approve” on your mobile.

  2. The Keys tab will display the new paper key.

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