How To’s: First-time setup guide

1. Double click the Atakama icon on your desktop to begin the setup. 


2. Click the “Begin First-time Setup. 



3. Click the “I’m ready to add devices” button or un-hide the devices section by clicking on the “Devices” bar to start onboarding. 



4. With the “Devices” section unhidden, click “Add a device” to add new devices. 




5. Scan the QR using the Atakama mobile app if you’re adding your own device or place a checkmark on “This device is owned by someone else” if this isn’t your device.  

6. Use the Atakama Mobile app to scan the QR Code on the desktop. Click the hamburger menu in Atakama Mobile App. 




7. Select the “Link to PC [Scan QA]”. 


8. Scan the QR Code that shows on the Desktop.



  1. 9.After scanning, the Atakama Mobile app will show the linked device in the onboarding form. 



  1. 10. The next step requires the creation of a third key, which will function as a backup in case the primary key is lost or inoperable. At this point it’s best to use the Backup Words option. Click “Backup Words” followed by “Create Backup Words”. 

  1. You must create at least one backup key at this stage 

  1. It is advisable to create multiple backup keys, ideally stored on other devices (e.g., coworkers) 

  1. Backup Words should be stored in a secure location and never stored on a computer in any form. 


  1. 11. Either write down the Backup Words or click Print. Store the Backup Words in a safe place. Then click Continue. 



  1. 12. You will be prompted to enter two random words from your Backup Words to confirm you retained them. Once confirmed, click Continue. 



  1. 13. If the user hasn’t modified anything in the “Security Configuration” section, the “Review and Create” button will change to green and clickable to continue onboarding. 



  1. 14. Enter a name for your Atakama Profile and click Continue. You can click Continue to use the default name. 


15. The “Review and Create” section shows the keys that have been created. Click Next to continue onboarding. 



16. Click Create to begin profile creation. 



17. On your Atakama Mobile app tap the green button and keep the Atakama Mobile app open until the process completes. 






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