Configuring Antivirus Software to ensure Atakama functionality


As a general matter, encrypted files are not vulnerable to viruses and antivirus software cannot scan encrypted files. As a result, you will want to configure your antivirus software to exclude scans of the Atakama Vault and .kama files. For example, Sophos offer the ability via their extension configuration page to exempt files based on file extensions. If you do not exclude the Atakama Vault and .kama files from your antivirus scan you will receive a MofNop every time the antivirus software attempts to scan an Atakama encrypted file.


In addition, Antivirus software uses heuristic analysis as a method to detect unknown computer viruses. This method sometimes mistakenly identifies downloadable software, such as Atakama, as malware. The method can also sometimes block legitimate communications between the Atakama desktop client and the Atakama Mobile app. 


If you are running the following antivirus software, you should not need to change your current configuration when installing Atakama:

  • Bitdefender Total Security

  • Malwarebytes

  • Microsoft Security Essentials

  • Sophos Home Edition

  • Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud

  • Webroot Business Endpoint Protection.


If you are running other antivirus software and encounter issues with Atakama installation, the following should ensure proper Atakama functionality:

  • Review your antivirus software's whitelist instructions. Searching online for your antivirus software plus the keyword "whitelist" should bring up the relevant instructions. Add "Atakama.exe" (located in C:\Program Files\Atakama) and add wss:// to the whitelist if you experience an issue during installation/setup of Atakama.

  • During installation you may see a pop-up notification to block "vidable.exe". Do not approve this block. 

  • Do not add Atakama to the quarantine list if the antivirus software incorrectly detected Atakama as an application with suspicious activity.

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