"Notification center - Unexpected change in cloud state"

The Atakama Notifications Center may display the "Unexpected change in cloud state" message when changes made to a Secure Folder impact Atakama Cloudsync.

This notifications can be triggered by one of the following scenarios:

  1. The cloud folder has been renamed.

  2. The cloud folder has been moved.

  3. The cloud folder has been deleted.

When either side (local/disk or remote/cloud) of a cloud synced folder pair is renamed or deleted, Atakama Cloudsync detects this change in state and stops syncing to prevent data loss.  

To resolve the issue: 

  1. If the change was unintentional, revert to the prior state (e.g., rename the folder back to its original name) and restart Atakama.

  2. If the change was intentional, disconnect Cloudsync for the affected Secure Folder, and reconnect the folder using the updated folder information.

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