Failed to launch Atakama Drive in Windows

This error message indicates that Atakama failed to set up the virtual drive which gives you access to your protected files. This does not mean that there are issues with your protected files themselves, but rather that the interface those fails failed to start up because Atakama shut down incorrectly or because there is a folder in the way of our drive.

We suggest performing the following sequence of steps to try to rectify the problem:

  1. The error dialog has a retry option. Select that option and proceed only if it fails.

  2. Shut down Atakama. You can verify that it has stopped by ensuring the Atakama icon does not appear in the system tray.

  3. Navigate to your home user folder in your file browser.

    • On Windows, go to Local Disk (C:), Users, [your user name]

    • On Mac, in the Finder menu, select Go > Home

  4. Look for a file or folder named Atakama. If there is none, skip to step 6.

  5. Select the Atakama folder and rename it to any other unused name. This may require allowing administrative privileges.

  6. Start Atakama. If the error appears again, restart your computer and try again.

  7. If the error persists after a restart, please contact support.

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