Intelligence Center Guide for Docker and Helm Charts


To run the Intelligence Center using Docker, you will need Docker Compose and a MySQL Database.

  1. Open a terminal and clone this repository:
  2. Navigate to this directory: docker-compose/intelligence-center
  3. Run this command to generate a private key: docker run --rm -it atakamallc/atakama-srv-base logger keygen > privkey.pem
  4. In the file manager, open the docker-compose/intelligence-center/docker-compose.yml file.
    1. Adjust the relevant MySQL values to secure the authentication and/or connect to your server.
    2. Point the “source:” to the location of privkey.pem generated in step 3.
  5. In the terminal, run this command to start the Intelligence Center: docker-compose up
    1. Get the device id in the terminal.
  6. Follow the steps in this link for the Admin setup guide.
  7. Follow the steps in this link for the end-user setup guide.
  8. To access the Intelligence Center, open a web browser and enter "localhost:8000" in the address bar.

Helm Charts

  1. Download the Windows or Linux version of the Intelligence Center here.
  2. Run the command to generate a private key:
    1. Windows: atakama-srv logger keygen --save
    2. Linux: chmod +777 atakama-srv-{version}-ubuntu1804 then
      ./atakama-srv-{version}-ubuntu1804 logger keygen –save
  3. Put the contents of the resulting privkey.pem in a Kubernetes secret.
  4. Use these helm charts:
  5. Adjust dashboardDbSecret to point to the name of the secret in step 3.
  6. Continue the rest of the setup for Windows and Linux.

Intelligence Center User Guide

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