Intelligence Center Admin Setup Guide

Admins have two options to enable the Intelligence Center. 

Option 1:

  1. After obtaining the device id, open the Control Center>Options tab and click “Enter log server id” in the bottom right corner.

    1. In the dialog box, enter the device id and click “Ok”.
    2. Open and edit the atakama.config file and add this flag: "enable_enterprise_dash": true,
    3. Restart Atakama.

Option 2:

  1. Self-ingest an econfig by creating a new, or opening a previously ingested, econfig. Enter the device id in the “Log Server ID” field, and save the file in “C:\Program FIles\Atakama” folder. 

Note: Ensure you have the license key, all mandatory Secure Folder information, and other options when creating the econfig.

After making sure all configurations are set up correctly, start the Intelligence Center by entering "atakama-srv start" in the command prompt and accessing "localhost:8000" through a web browser window.

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