Intelligence Center Widget Guide

The Intelligence Center allows you to create customized charts and reports to assist with analyzing your encrypted data, such as volume over time, monitoring individual data usage trends, and tracking the audit trail of file access decryption events. In this article, we will guide you through the process of creating a widget using the Charting Tool. We will also demonstrate the Widget Library and provide instructions on how to save a widget. 

Charting tool to create your own widget

  1. On the dashboard page, click "EDIT DASHBOARD". 
  2. To add a new widget, click on the "ADD WIDGET" button. This will display the Widget Library on the left-hand side of the screen. There are four templates available: Datagrid, Line Chart, Pie Chart, and Bar Chart. From there, you can select the type of chart you wish to create and click “ADD”. 
  3. After selecting the desired chart type, the chart creation tool will appear. This tool allows you to customize the widget according to your specific needs. To create a chart, you will need the following information: 
    1. Widget Name - Be specific to easily identify the widget you are filtering. 
    2. Chart Options - Option to modify the chart type for your widget. 
    3. Filters - To view all available filter types, click on the "+ Add Filter" and the “Field” box. You can also add multiple filters to optimize your results. 
      1. In this example, we applied the “Event Type” filter and selected "Object Renamed" as the filter value to display only the renamed events. 

      2. Breakdown By - The Breakdown feature narrows down filtering by displaying only the selected breakdown option. (Pie and Bar charts only

      3. Timeframe - Displays the data within the selected timeframe. 

      4. Click “Apply” to create the widget. 

  4. Your widget has been created with the selected filter and breakdown, restricted to the specified timeframe. Refreshing the page will update the widget automatically.

Widget Library

The widget library contains widget templates, preconfigured widgets for various types of events, and stock widgets that offer an overview of your enterprise deployment

Saving a Widget 

The Widget Library also features the "Built by You" section, where you can access widgets that you have saved. You can edit and add them as per your preferences at any time. To save a widget: 

  1. Click on the "ellipsis" located in the top-right corner of the widget. 
  2. Click on "Save to Library".
  3. The widget you just saved can now be accessed in the "Built by You" section of the widget library.

    Reminder: You can use the search box to find widgets within each section. 


By default, a single column is utilized for all widgets. However, you have the option to use two columns to provide more space for your widgets by clicking "Column Count" while in edit mode. Reverting back to a single column will not be possible if any widgets remain in the second column. Therefore, make sure to remove all widgets from the second column before attempting to switch back to one column. 

Reminder: Do not forget to click on “SAVE” whenever you make any changes. 

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