Intelligence Center installation guide for Linux

The Intelligence Center helps administrators manage their Atakama deployment by providing a centralized view of Atakama within their environment. 

The Intelligence Center is comprised of a web-based dashboard and a dashboard server. The web dashboard provides a summary of the Atakama deployment, while the dashboard server logs events and statistics from Atakama users and stores the events in a local database that provides a status overview. The web dashboard utilizes the dashboard server's REST API to process user requests.

Installing the Intelligence Center on a Linux machine:

  1. Download the Intelligence Center Software.
  2. Open the terminal window and navigate to the folder the Intelligence Center file was downloaded from.
  3. In the terminal window, enter: chmod +777 atakama-srv-{version}-ubuntu1804
  4. Enter: ./atakama-srv-{version}-ubuntu1804 logger keygen –save
  5. Enter: ./atakama-srv-{version}-ubuntu1804 dashboard import init-db
  6. Enter: ./atakama-srv-{version}-ubuntu1804 logger get-id
  7. Obtain the device id, which will be used when connecting to the server. 
  8. Follow the steps in this link for the Admin setup guide.
  9. Follow the steps in this link for the end-user setup guide.
  10. In the terminal window, enter: ./atakama-srv-{version}-ubuntu1804 start
  11. To access the Intelligence Center, open a web browser and enter "localhost:8000" in the address bar.

The Intelligence Center will now display information specific to your Atakama instance.

Use this link for installation instructions on Windows.

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