Intelligence Center Known Limitations

  • There will be a delay in activity reporting when a large number of files are encrypted. For example, encrypting 250,000 files will result in a 4 hour reporting delay.
  • Events that predate the Intelligence Center installation will not be visible. However, non-event-based data such as Profiles, Secure Folders, and Security Groups will be synced upon installation.
  • Widgets saved in the Widgets Library cannot be deleted. They can only be edited.
  • The configuration of dashboard widgets is determined by the last user who modified them.
  • The Breakdown By option can only be used with Bar and Pie charts.
  • We currently do not differentiate between auto-verified and manually verified users.
    • Auto-verified: when a user is onboarded using an econfig and approved by the admin, the dashboard will display that the admin is verified by the user and the user is verified by the admin.
    • Manual verification: when a user manually joins a Secure Folder and is approved by the admin. The dashboard will indicate that the admin verified the user and the user was verified by the admin.
  • On the Secure Folder page, you may notice that each user has a "Personal" and "Root" folder. Although they may appear as duplicates, it is important to note that these folders belong to each individual user within the enterprise.

The Intelligence Center is an effective tool that delivers valuable insights and data to oversee your Atakama deployment. We are constantly working to improve the Intelligence Center to better serve our users and provide an optimal user experience. Despite the limitations, we're dedicated to developing new features and functionalities that will enhance the Intelligence Center's capabilities and increase its business value.

Our commitment to continuously improve the Intelligence Center demonstrates our dedication to providing the best possible experience for our users. We're always striving to enhance this powerful tool and make it an even more valuable asset for businesses that rely on Atakama for their data encryption needs.

Intelligence Center Usage Guide

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