How to share a secure folder through Google Drive native app/desktop app

You first need to establish a shared Google Drive location between two or more users.

The user initiating the sharing:

  1. Download and install Google Drive, then sign in.

  2. Open the Atakama Control Center and create a Secure folder.

  3. When selecting a folder, navigate to the Google Drive local folder>My Drive and select your desired folder.

               Note: You can also create a new folder inside My Drive, the path should be similar to “E:\My Drive\New folder”

  1. Create an enterprise-client.config and share the file with the second user.

The user being shared with:

  1. Download and Install Google Drive, then sign in.

  2. Save the enterprise-client.config file that has been shared with you.

Note: The folder path on both computers should be the same in order to successfully join the shared folder.

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