Connecting another computer to your existing Atakama folder

Atakama allows you to use another computer to access your encrypted files stored in the cloud. For example, if you setup Atakama at home (first computer) and designated Dropbox as the location for your Atakama folder, you will be able to access your Atakama-encrypted files in Dropbox at work (second computer). 

  1. Setup Atakama on the second computer using the same mobile device used during setup on the first computer.

  2. During setup, Atakama will display a list of computers, which will include the first computer you previously configured with your mobile device.

  3. Check the box corresponding to the first computer. 

  4. Continue to complete setup.

  5. When you use Atakama again on the first computer, you will receive a pop-up to "Grant Access" for the second computer.

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