Verifying a Contact

When more than one Atakama-enabled computer has access to the same cloud or network share location, all computers must be verified to gain access to Atakama-encrypted files within the location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to Verify a Contact?

The verification process ensures that you share files with only those Atakama-enabled computers that are authorized to access files in the specific location. Atakama requires direct communication between you and the Contact (i.e., the user of the other Atakama-enabled computer) to confirm you are sharing files only with the intended person.

What is a Keychain ID?

The Keychain ID is a unique identifier assigned to an Atakama-enabled computer. The Keychain ID comprises the computer's current set of keys.

How do I find the Keychain ID?

An Atakama-enabled computer’s Keychain ID is located in the Keys tab of the Atakama Control Center. During the verification process you need to obtain the Keychain ID of the computer(s) with which you will be sharing files. 


  • Do not use your own Keychain ID. 
  • Do not use the Keychain IDs contained within the Atakama Mobile app.

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