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The Access Management window identifies computers that have been approved to access a cloud or network share location and non-approved Atakama-enabled computers with pending access requests to the location. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the Access Management window?

Once a cloud or network share location has been connected, the Access Management window is accessible by navigating to the Cloud / Network tab within the Atakama Control Center. You will need to click on the "Sharing" button for your designated sharing location.

Example for sharing to OneDrive:

  1. Navigate to the Cloud / Network tab within the Atakama Control Center.

    1. Locate your OneDrive account in the list of available locations.

    2. Click the "Sharing" button in the row that corresponds to OneDrive.

How do I approve other Atakama-enabled computers for access to a cloud or network share location?

Access to a shared location can be granted within the Access Request window by clicking the “Grant Access” button corresponding to the computer of choice. 

Atakama will automatically detect other Atakama-enabled computers that have access to cloud and network share locations and will automatically generate an Access Request window pop-up. Although the pop-up should auto generate, the Access Request window can also be accessed manually within the Access Management window.


How can I manually access the Access Request window?

The Access Request window can be accessed by navigating to the Access Management window and clicking the prominent button beneath the “Computers Awaiting Approval” header. This button will trigger an access request containing a list of all Atakama-enabled computers still awaiting access to the designated cloud or network share location.

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