Sharing Atakama-encrypted files



Atakama-enabled computers that have access to a shared cloud or network location are able to share files with each other. Atakama is a security layer that supplements your existing cloud and network share locations. To ensure your ability to securely share files with others, you first need to grant access to those Atakama-enabled computers that have access to the cloud or network share locations. Atakama-encrypted files will only be accessible by other Atakama-enabled computers that have been granted access. See Access Management for more information on how to grant access to another computer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Atakama access and file access?

Atakama Access (Verified & Approved): A user is able to access Atakama-enabled files because either they added the files to the cloud or network share location or another Atakama user has approved them to access the Atakama-encrypted files within the location.

File Access (Network or Cloud Access): Standard file access; users can access/move/delete files within a storage location. However, they will be unable to open Atakama-enabled files until they have been verified and approved.


How do I grant other Atakama-enabled computers access to Atakama-encrypted files?

  1. Both computers must have Atakama installed and have access to the same cloud or network share location. 

  2. Each computer will need to be "Verified" and "Approved" via the Access Request Window.

  3. If the shared cloud or network location already contains files, an Atakama-enabled computer with access to those files must complete the Provide Access Window flow for each computer that requires access to the location.

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