Keyshard Server LAN Connection

The Atakama Keyshard Server (KSS) can be configured to use LAN connectivity in the event Internet connectivity is down. 

KSS LAN Connection Configuration Change

  1. On the KSS, open the Atakama.config file. This file is located in %homepath%.
  2. Add the following lines into the Atakama.config file.

    "wss_server_port": [Add any unused port here],
    "wss_server_custom_host": [Add the hostname here]

    Note #1: Valid port numbers are 1024 to 65536
    Note #2: We recommend using the Keyshard Server's computer name as the hostname. To lookup the hostname, open Command Prompt and type in "hostname" and press enter to get the hostname of the Keyshard Server.

  3. Save the configuration file.
  4. Assuming the KSS is currently running, run the following command to disable it.

    atakama keyserver disable

  5. Then run the following command to enable the updated configuration file.

    atakama keyserver enable

Once enabled, the KSS will include the port and hostname information as part of the MofNop process. The KSS client will store this information and will switchover to use the LAN connection when Internet connectivity is unavailable.

Note: the above configuration change will need to be completed on all Keyshard Servers deployed within the organization.

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