Using Windows Task Scheduler to Launch Atakama

Atakama is configured to run by default when a user logs in. However, you can configure Windows Task Scheduler to launch Atakama without requiring user login. The Task Scheduler can facilitate functions such as the Key Shard Server and Auto Encryption to work when during unplanned outages that may require restarts.

Follow these steps:

  1. Download the attached task file. 
  2. Open Task Scheduler. Click Action->Import Task and import the task downloaded in step 1.
  3. Click "Change User or Group" in the pop-up and add the users that will be used to run the task (you will need to store the login). 
  4. Confirm "Run whether user is logged on or not" is also selected. 
  5. Click OK to save the task.
  6. Restart the computer. 
  7. Upon reboot, Atakama should have started via the Task Scheduler. When configured to run as a Key Shard Server, file access will be approved based on the policy file. If the policy file was configured for auto-encryption, it will auto-encrypt files based on the configured auto-encryption settings.

Note: Running this task boots Atakama in a headless state and without the tray icon. If you need to access the Atakama GUI:

  1. Log in with the account used to set up Atakama.
  2. Open Command Prompt and run: 
    atakama --shutdown force
  3. Restart Atakama manually. 
  4. The Atakama icon should now appear in the tray and you can use it to access the Control Center.

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