Using Atakama with cloud storage

In addition to encrypting files locally (e.g., "local disk (C:)"), you can also encrypt files located within the cloud (e.g., Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) and network share locations. Adding a cloud storage location helps protect users from possible loss of files in the event the computer is ever lost or becomes inoperable. Users can also use a cloud storage location to share Atakama-encrypted files with other Atakama users and to access their Atakama-encrypted files from another Atakama-enabled computer.


When a user creates an Atakama Secure Folder, they can sync the files saved in the cloud storage location to a local folder on their computer where the files will be encrypted by Atakama. Users have two options to sync: 

  1. The cloud provider's native cloud sync, which requires the user to install the cloud provider's software on their computer, or
  2. Atakama's CloudSync feature, which does not require the user to install the cloud provider's software on their computer.

Linking to Cloud

To connect a created or joined Secure Folder to the cloud.


Open the Control Center either by double-clicking the Atakama shortcut on a desktop or clicking the "^" button in the system tray menu, then right-clicking on the Atakama icon and clicking on Control Center.


Open the "Secure Folders" tab.


Click "Configure" for the Secure Folder being synced.


Click "Link to Cloud".


Select the available cloud provider and click "Next".


Click "Log in to Cloud Provider Name".


Log in to the selected cloud provider.


(Google Drive)


Move the Atakama "Secure Folder" window to the foreground if it hasn't been moved automatically.


OneDrive cloud provider only: Select a namespace and click "Continue".


Select an existing folder in the cloud or create a new one. To create a new folder:

OneDrive: Click "Add" with a folder icon and rename it if needed. Select a new folder by clicking on it.

Google Drive: A new folder named Atakama is selected by default, but you can rename it. Select a new folder by clicking on it. 

If the cloud location is being shared with other Atakama users. 

The user who is sharing:

Selected folder in the cloud must not be used by other Atakama users (cannot contain any Atakama-encrypted files. The folder should be empty or contain regular unencrypted files).

The user who is being shared with:

Must not create a new folder in the cloud.

Selected folder in the cloud must be used by other Atakama users (should contain a folder named atakamashare.db and a file named .atakama.dir.kama.


Click "Continue".


Click "Done".


Click "Close".


The specific Secure Folder should now show it has been linked to the cloud provider.

(The user who is sharing)

Supported cloud providers:

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