How to temporarily bypass user profile verification

To ensure the security of Atakama encrypted files, user profile IDs must be verified. Without verification, its possible for an attacker to request access to files and impersonate another user.  However, under certain circumstances, the verification step can be skipped. This article explains how to disable user profile verification.

1. Quit Atakama.

2. Open Command Prompt, copy, paste and press enter on the following command:

atakama --allow-circumvent-verification

Atakama will launch normally. 

3. Navigate to Atakama Control Center->Secure Folder. Click the "Sharing" button for the Secure Folder for which user profiles need to be verified. 

4. Toward the bottom of the Access Management window, click the "Forego Profile Verification" checkbox. A warning will appear.

5. The "Verify" button for each user will be replaced by a checkbox that can be selected.

6.Click "Grant Access to the selected profile" at the bottom of the window to grant access to one or more users without having to verify their profiles. These users WILL NOT have a "Verified" badge next to their profile IDs.

Note: After access has been granted, the "Forego Profile Verification" checkbox will revert to unchecked. The checkbox will also revert to unchecked whenever the "Access Management" window is closed or Atakama is restarted. If Atakama is restarted without "--allow-circumvent-verification" or launched via the Desktop, the checkbox will no longer be visible and all users who were granted access will once again show the "Verify" button next to their profiles. However, verification is not necessary at this point because the users have already been given access. Be careful to have two dashes when using this flag. If only one dash is used, it will cause Atakama to launch as a first time setup. However, if this did happen, it can be resolved by simply shutting down and relaunching Atakama without this parameter. 

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