How to recover Atakama on a workstation

Note: This KB article applies to the version "Flying Dragon" (version v2.0 13921) and earlier.


  • A mobile device that was previously part of the user's profile and which holds the user's keys.

  • The recovery words (i.e., Key on Paper as per the image below) the user saved during the initial onboarding of Atakama.


  1. Install Atakama on the workstation.

  2. Launch Atakama.

  3. Click “Use words-based spare key”.

  1. Enter the 14 recovery words from your Key on Paper.

  1. Use your Atakama Mobile app to scan the QR code.

  1. Click "Continue" on both your desktop and mobile device.

  1. Click "Continue".

  1. Click "Continue".

  1. Click "Begin". Then click "Approve" on your mobile device. Be sure to keep the Atakama Mobile app on your phone running and in the foreground until this step completes.

  1. Click "Complete".

  1. Launch Atakama and open the Control Center.

  2. Click the "Secure Folders" tab.

  3. Click “Add Secure Folders”.

  1. Click “Join Secure Folders”.

  1. For cloud folders, use the “Join via Atakama Cloud Sync” option to gain access to those locations. For network folders, use the “Browse to an existing Secure Folder” option.

  1. The Activate Location window will appear after you've connected to a previous Secure Folder. Click "Activate Now".

  1. Tap approve on the Atakama Mobile app.


Repeat steps 13 to 17 to recover each of your Secure Folder locations.

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