Exporting a configuration file for regular non-administrator users

This article explains how to create a configuration file for regular non-administrator users. Only the administrator can export the configuration file to users who will be provisioned with Atakama.

Steps to export the configuration file:

1. Right click on the Atakama icon on the system tray and select "New Configuration" (if you do not see this option, you might have just activated your license and you will need to shutdown and restart Atakama).

2. Fill in the license key so the license activation process completes automatically for all users.

3. Click on "Add More Administrators" to add yourself. If there is more than one administrator, add both administrators.

4. Place a check mark next to the sharing location where the users will be sharing Atakama-encrypted files.

5. Click “Export”.

6. Name the file "enterprise-client" (the extension ".config" will automatically be added to it).

7. Save the file.

Adding the configuration file to users’ computers:

1. Ideally, the config file should be distributed to users’ computers via Group Policy.

2. The config file can also be manually added to the C:\Program Files\Atakama folder on users’ computers after Atakama has been installed, but prior to initial launch.

3. After adding the config file, Atakama can be launched. The first screen users will see is a QR code. This confirms the config file was recognized and the user can begin the setup process.

Steps for regular user setup:

1. Download the Atakama Mobile app to smartphone;

2. Link smartphone to computer by using the Atakama Mobile app to scan the QR code on their computer; and

3. Login to the shared cloud location that has been set up by the administrator.

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