Linking your mobile device to Atakama

Atakama for your computer requires at least one smartphone or tablet running Atakama Mobile linked to it in order to secure data. 

There are 3 options for linking mobile devices:

  1. (Recommended) Using the Atakama Mobile app to scan a QR Code on your computer
    • During First-Time Setup or when adding or replacing devices later in Settings, Atakama can generate a unique QR Code for your device which is meant to be scanned using the Atakama Mobile app. This is the fastest and most secure way to link your mobile device to your computer.
      • Note: The QR Code generated by Atakama on your computer is designed only for the Atakama Mobile app. It will not work with other QR Code scanners.
    • If you're opening the Atakama Mobile app for the first time, you'll be brought to the QR Scanner within Atakama Mobile automatically - just follow the  prompts until you see "Link Profile"
      • You will be asked to grant Atakama Mobile permissions to use your device's camera in order to scan the QR Code. 
    • If you've already linked one computer to Atakama Mobile, just open the side menu and select "Link to PC [Scan QR]"
  2. Copying and pasting a link and manually sending it to your mobile device by email, instant message, or similar methods.
  3. If you've already linked one mobile device to the computer, you can send an invitation from your mobile device to another one of your devices. Just tap the green button "Share link" on your mobile device.

Having trouble? Try these troubleshooting steps:

  • Ensure that both the workstation and smartphone are connected to the Internet and to Atakama

  • Restart the desktop application

  • Swipe-close the mobile application and start it after waiting 10 seconds

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