Linking your Atakama Mobile app

The Atakama software running on your desktop needs to link to at least one additional mobile device (e.g., smartphone, tablet, etc.) running the Atakama Mobile app. The Atakama Mobile app is used to approve a MofNop, such as when the user is accessing (i.e., decrypting) a file.


Users have three options when linking their mobile devices:

  1. (Recommended) Use the Atakama Mobile app to scan a QR code on the computer thereby connecting the Atakama Mobile app on the mobile device to the Atakama software running on the computer.

During First-Time Setup or later on when adding or replacing a device, Atakama can generate a unique QR code to be scanned by the Atakama Mobile app for each mobile device. This is the fastest and most secure way to link the mobile device to the computer. The QR code generated by Atakama on the computer is designed to be scanned by the Atakama Mobile app only and will not work with any other QR code scanners.

When opening the Atakama Mobile app for the first time, the QR scanner is the only action the mobile app will perform. Users need to follow the prompts on the app to navigate to the "Link Profile" page. Users are asked and need to grant access for the Atakama Mobile to use the device's camera in order to scan the QR code. 

To scan a QR code on a device that has already been linked to a computer, navigate to "Link to PC [Scan QR]" in the mobile app's sidebar menu.

  1. Users can copy and paste a link to the mobile device that can be manually sent by email, instant message, or similar communication methods.

  2. After the mobile device has been linked to the computer, users can send an invitation directly from the Atakama Mobile app to another device by tapping the green "Share link" button on the Atakama Mobile app.


If you're having trouble, try these troubleshooting steps:

  • Ensure both the computer and mobile device are connected to the Internet.

  • Restart the desktop application.

  • Swipe-close the Atakama Mobile app and restart it after 10 seconds.

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