Known Issues - September 2020

The following are known issues with Atakama version 2.0.10231.2020-09-17 (the version number is located in the lower-left corner of the Options tab within Atakama's Control Center):


  • Installer will restart repeatedly if there's a group policy restriction on *.msi files; the system administrator will need to change the group policy to correct this issue


  • On rare occasions, non-administrative users (lite client) will be unable to open the Atakama folder after launch. Upgrading to WinFSP 2020.1 should resolve this issue.
  • Atakama prevents simultaneous access by multiple users to the same Microsoft Office document (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) in a shared network drive. When attempting to access the same file, Windows users will be unable to open the file and Mac users will receive an error message telling them the file is corrupted, even though it is not. 
  • Files located within OneDrive should be edited by one user at a time only. More than one user editing the same file may result in conflicted file copies. 
  • OneDrive users should wait 60 seconds (90 seconds for large files, e.g., 15MB) before opening a file that was edited by another user. The delay ensured the updated version of the file has been synced to other users' computers. 

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